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Introduction: About this Blog

March 1, 2009

Inspired by the excellent blog, Depression Era Baseball, the seeming parallels to our current times, and a rare  recorded radio broadcast I listened to on my MP3 player of Game 3 of the 1936 World Series (available on, I have decided  to replay the 1936 baseball season using D.B. Schmidt’s Strategic Baseball Simulator, a computer baseball simulator available to all for free by accessing, and to periodically post results from the simulation at this blog as they unfold.

I will try to follow the approach generally taken by the author of the Depression Era Baseball blog but, if you review the blog, you will see that he set the bar rather high and obviously devoted much time to his enterprise.  I liked his approach of weaving in tidbits concerning real current events and real baseball events of those times into his posts reporting his replay results. I will try to do some of that here, time permitting.